Potato Phenotype Data

The potato cooperator's guide is standardized phenotypic data from a collection of elite US potato germplasm that will be collected over two years at three distinct US environments (NE, NC, NW). Each potato line will be grown in 10-hill plots and replicated twice at each site. The phenotypic data includes growth characteristics, tuber characteristics and tuber quality traits at harvest and post harvest from storage. Passport data is also collected for each site and year. In addition to the elite potato germplasm, a tetraploid russet mapping population is also being evaluated in three distinct environments (SE, NC and NW) over two years. These data will be used in combination with SNP genotyping to identify markers linked to the phenotypic traits measured.

2009 Potato Phenotypic Data
2009 Tuber and Vine Images

Potato diversity panel phenotype data - Least square means of 190 tetraploid lines for snack food association chip color, tuber glucose concentration, tuber sucrose concentration, and tuber shape. Three replications of the lines were evaluated in 2010 (two replications at a Wisconsin location and one replication at a New York Location).