The Sol Genomics Network

The Sol Genomics Network (SGN) is a Clade Oriented Database (COD) containing genomic, genetic, phenotypic and taxonomic information for plant genomes. SGN originally concentrated on the Euasterid clade, including the families Solanaceae (e.g. tomato, potato, eggplant, pepper and petunia) and Rubiaceae (coffee), but the scope of the database is being expanded to include additional related families.

The Breeders Toolbox ( on SGN is dedicated solely to the resources that would be of the most interest to breeders, which will help save time figuring out where to start a search on SGN. The resources available on SGN include but are not limited to 1) various types of markers, 2) search capabilities for information on markers, 3) search capabilities for information on phenotypes, trait ontologies, and QTLs, 4) SNP data 5) tomato genome sequence, assembly, and annotation. The toolbox page includes portals for doing trait and marker searches, a QTL tool, and a SNP tool. These portals provide quick access to the many molecular, genetic, and genomic resources available on SGN that can help to efficiently target breeding programs toward the traits of interest. As a result, the application of these resources has the potential to reduce both the amount of time and financial input needed to achieve breeding goals. The toolbox is a work in progress and tools will be added in the future based on breeder community needs and the availability of data. In order to guide users through the features on the toolbox page, tutorials will be available at eXtension, which will be accessible by links associated directly with each tool icon.